About Us

North Georgia's Pressure Washing Experts

Absolutely Clean is a residential, commercial and industrial pressure washing company that has been serving clients in north Georgia for over twenty years (previously know as Richard's House Wash). We offer a variety of services designed to enhance the appearance of your home or business. Our safe techniques will protect the integrity of any surface we are cleaning. You do not need to rely on just anyone to work on something as valuable as your home or business. Absolutely Clean is licensed, insured and reliable. We are confident that we will become your pressure washing company if you give us an opportunity.

Why is Absolutely Clean superior to the competition?

  • Education

    We are constantly trying to improve ourselves. We regularly attend power washing conventions and seminars in order to educate ourselves on the latest chemicals, cleaners and cleaning methods. Absolutely Clean is a member of and participates in annual training from the Power Washers of North American association.

  • Professional Equipment

    Absolutely Clean also prides itself in using commercial grade equipment, chemicals and cleaners. Our equipment is designed with enough power to completely clean any surface being treated. Consumer grade equipment will not provide the same cleaning power. Many businesses will put a professional price tag on an inferior product.

  • Licensed and Insured

    Consider this, would you want to drive a rental car with absolutely no insurance? Even if it was a cheaper option? It is a similar situation when hiring a home professional. If a pressure washer cannot produce proof of a license and current insurance you should not hire them to work on something as valuable as your home or business.

  • Professional Cleaning/Washing Methods

    Exterior cleaning is not a simple process many believe it to be. If someone attempts to wash a house, building, concrete, roof or wood without being educated on proper cleaning methods it can cause damage to your property. We only use professional cleaning methods to ensure there will be absolutely no harm to your property.

We look forward to becoming your pressure washing professionals!

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